The Descent of the Mother - Force

The Divine Mother is pouring Herself in hundreds of bodies.
Unless She comes in, nothing can change, mud will remain mud.
The soul is held prisoner in an animal frame,
even the highest aspiration of man gets choked
In the foul smoke of burning desires in the body cells.
The inner heaven of spiritual glow,
Threatened at each moment by demons at the roots of life,
The perpetual uneasy equilibrium, Spirit foiled by animal,
Has been man's inglorious achievement up til now.
Now all is changed, the old world will disappear
In a devastating explosion of spiritual splendour.
Her blissful supreme power will transform common earth
Into a luminous substance as yet unknown in the creation.
Day and night the golden flow of the celestial Ganges
Is spreading over the globe transmuting all by its touch.
Nothing will ever be the same, God will emerge,
Discarding his brute-form in a new divine race.
It is all Her play — Heaven and earth will unite
finally vibrate in exquisite delight in a divinised body.
adieu, struggles, sleepless nights, wilderness, death and despair.
Welcome, marvellous dearest Mother, rose, white and blue dreams,
the divine world of mad adventure, love, beauty and whirling symphony.
The role of beast is over, it cannot stage a comeback anymore.
It is falling headlong into an abyss of oblivion.
The unique Mother is descending gently in hundreds of bodies,
Cautiously, so that the frail earthen jars may not get crushed
Under too heavy pressure of Her Niagara-like on-rush.
No demon, no titan or inferior godhead can hold me down anymore.
Today, tomorrow however far, I cannot fail but win the race.
The Mother-Force, the molten gold is pouring down on all life on earth.
The soul looks up to Her alone like the sea to the unbound sky.
There is nothing to fear.
Welcome, welcome, dearest Mother, welcome.


Poem Niranjan Guha Roy
Illustration Christine Alkov

The Power of the Supreme

The Divine Mother, the Creative power of the Supreme
Has undertaken the creation of life divine on earth.
She is fully equally present in the secret heart of man.
Most of the human beings are unaware of Her presence.
The physical consciousness of man acts as a wall,
Very opaque between his soul, the psyche and the outer man.
No human effort however strenuous, even heroic can breakdown
This barrier, this separation between us and the Spirit.
Man is a creation, a partial manifestation of the Divine.
If the Divine Force rises from within and pours down from above,
The psyche is liberated in the mind, vital and the body.
The Soul, the psyche is the immortal being of man, the real man.
Also mind, life and body, every atom of this universe
Contain the psychic element in them, the divine presence.
Matter in its true nature is a spiritual substance.
There is nothing here or anywhere, which is not the spirit
It is verily Brahman, the substance of God, the Divine Mother.
Man is a disfigured, deformed, incomplete image of the Divine.
But man will one day reveal the magnificent Godhead in him.
We live only a few moments in the eternal time, have no vision.
We are impatient, that is why we do not see, appreciate
The slow and long working of the Divine Mother for perfection.
This evolution even at a giant's pace will take a few good centuries.
If we love Her, wish to serve Her, then by Her Qrace,
We are given the true spiriual vision of the work,
The process of detailed transformation She has undertaken.
Then instead of grumbling, lamenting and revolting
We can collaborate with The Mother and hasten the divine manifestation.
May our aspiration be sincere.
Poem Niranjan Guha Roy
Illustration Christine Alkov

Keep the inward Fire burning

Let us remain very peaceful and inwardly insist that the Mother's Will be done in our life, in the life of all of us and in the world. Then we will witness more and more a harmonious development of our life and work. Wherever we will be, our work will always be the same to keep the inner Fire burning.
We must concentrate on the Mother and try to come closer and closer to Her. Then She will Herself tell us all we need to know. Outwardly, we must not be critical of people, never turn away from them, never reject them, never impose on them a life they are unable to live. We must have the utmost good will for all, knowing that the Divine is in the hearts of all and leading each one towards an ultimate divine life.
One day we will become conscious of the Divine Will, which is the only absolutely effective Power in the manifestation. Its only purpose is the progressive divinisation of the total manifestation. Naturally, man being the highest evolutionary kind, will be first divinised, especially those who have a highly conscious psychic being in them. As our personal will is progressively replaced by the divine Will, we become effective instruments of the Divine for the realisation of the divine purpose in the world to kindle the sacred Fire in the hearts of men and women, to prepare the world for a greater life, always as an instrument of the Divine Mother.
The Divine is the only Leader. Our highest fulfillment is to carry out His commands.
Niranjan Guha Roy 1988

Our soul is one with the universal soul

Our soul is one with the universal soul,
The soul in all.
When the soul is enthroned as the king of our nature
We become aware of our identity with all in the Divine.
Absence of conflict, deep sympathy and growing harmony
A spirit of collaboration, submission to the rule of the One
Replace gradually the blind self-affirmation of the ego.
No civil duty, code or law can ever change the world
And bring about a new order of true fraternity, peace and harmony.
The more we live in the soul
The more we feel our inherent unity.
Everywhere we meet, in every contact, the King.

Poem  Niranjan Guha Roy

Illustration Christine Alkov

Look at the mystery all around

Look at the barren frozen fields
With the first rays of the spring sun,
All becomes green, yellow, red, blue and gold,
Song, dance and laughter, air vibrant with perfume.
Look at the stars filled sky at night,
Twinkling, billions of them, far, far away
Yet all made of the same substance, God’s own,
As the sun, moon, earth, air, water, fire and soil and stone.
A truckload of garbage contains all our hopes and dreams.
As after a good shower desert blossoms into a garden
So too a bucket full of earth holds within itself, in seeds
Unborn godheads, all our ancestors, our replicas.
Where is death anywhere, even when you and I disappear
In these billions years, we will wake up somewhere beyond
From the all-containing womb of matter after a long rest
To play the eternal comedy again as if for the first time.
Everything that has gone, all that is, all the new to come
All the inconceivable wonders lie dormant in the stars somewhere.
Who knows in a distant galaxy, boys and girls are singing,
Palm trees swaying in the wind, seagulls, dolphins playing in the sea.
No one dies ever, there is only a change of decor and the plot divine.
Souls, souls, billions and billions of souls sleeping all around us
Waiting for the call of the Divine, the magic Flute


Poem Niranjan Guha Roy
Illustation Christine Alkov

The Compact Totality

The Compact Totality

I have become aware intensely of a Reality, the One,
Compact Totality where everything exists eternally, immortal,
Individual, identical, one with all in Essence, part of the One.
There is no distance, there is no death, loss of separation or barrier.
Each one is That who is the eternal actor, conscious Being in all,
Unaffected by the play, undiminished, ever pure;
Always whole and integral, in movement an unending Lila
Of self-discovery or self-manifestation in infinite roles.
This is the Permanent, the Abode of Truth, the Divine Reality,
Beyond the clasp of time, division and suffering.
Even time and space have a completely different significance.
Through any point in space, one emerges into Infinity,
The point itself being infinite.
The whole of Infinity too is a point.
The past extends in a huge retrograde movement
And emerges into the future,
The same as the future curves into the past
Through an immeasurable movement in time.
The present is an eternal unfading immobile scene of action
Of a Vast Infinite Eternal Consciousness of Being.
Any point in space or time bends through infinitudes back to itself
Which is no other than the totality of Existence compact
Whole, indivisible, inconceivable, gathered in a sense of intimacy with all
Forever living nearer than nearness itself, inherent, spontaneous, unified,
Indistinguishable from oneself, the observer and the object of perception
Forming a single entity and movement.
It is a Seed, yet the Tree, the Ocean yet the stray droplet of Water,
The Ray yet the whole Sun, one single million-hued Felicity
Inaccessible to the words yet a luminously vibrant
And living Existence of unfathomable joy and mystery.
That, That alone is the Reality.
Falsehood, darkness, ignorance, suffering
Are mystic luminous raiments of magic colors
Imparting a soul seizing beauty to the Eternal Player,
Child, the Priestess, the Dancer of fire; dance of Rapture.
To Thee, O mysterious Presence, our heart’s gratitude.
Niranjan Guha Roy 1967

lThe prelude of a new creation

The prelude of a new creation

We are living here in the midst of a disintegrating world. Personally, I have faith that it is the prelude to some beginning of a new creation, humble, simple and founded on Truth. When I look at the actualities of the world I am no longer discouraged, but see a gradual evolving process spread over some thousands of years. But the new evolutionary process has been initiated. The Ideal of divine life on earth is no longer a utopian imagination but an absolute truth supported by a higher knowledge and experience. Apart from India, there is no other country where there is an understanding that spirituality is not religion. The yoga is definitely distinct from any religion. It is the quest for the Absolute with its own discipline and technique. This is where people get confuse, they cannot separate religion from their aspiration for the Divine.
Unless one is willing to stake all, to be willing to make all the sacrifices demanded by it, one really does not get an entry into it. It remains as a peripheral interest. The Ideal is satisfying to the mind but nothing must be changed in life, in our human way of living with its light and shade. This new evolution will be accomplished by the action of a Supreme Truth Consciousness which is present now in the terrestrial atmosphere, of course in a subtle way. Its very purpose and action is to illumine and transform human ignorance and the human way of life. So by its very presence, it is exerting a tremendous pressure on the human consciousness and society.
In a practical way, its effect will be shattering to whatever man has built with his divisive mind, to the life values, vital relations and activities man holds dear and precious. As the New Consciousness will be able to dig in the earth consciousness, in the aspiring individuals, the pace of disintegration in every obscure, ignorant and selfish domain of human interest will be progressively accelerated. Man faces the fate of the dinosaurs. Of course this might take centuries. But there is no escape, either transformation or disintegration. This is true individually as well. One has to choose between humanity and the road to divinity. If the inner soul makes the decision because it feels the time has come, then by every possible pressure, it will force the outer man to realise its own aspiration.
Niranjan Guha Roy 1983

Para Prakiti

Letter to a friend lover of nature

Up till now it is Mother Nature who has been directing the creative process on earth from the first protozoan to the modern man. She has been all through supported by the Divine Mother Nature secretly from behind the veil. The Divine Mother has been preparing her manifestation on earth through the crystallization of a psychic element hidden in the atom itself. As Mother Nature developed the physical body of man through evolution, the Divine Mother crystallized the psychic elements with greater and greater precision in the evolving living animals specially in man. In a minority of human beings these psychic elements are sufficiently organized to form what may be called a psychic personality. Our Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram is an incarnation of the Divine nature supporting all manifestation on earth. She came to announce that time had come for the manifestation of the divine race on earth and that from now on the Divine Mother Nature would directly take over the evolutionary work on earth. She has persuaded the Mother Nature (Apara Prakriti) to collaborate in this great work. The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo is based on the surrender of the soul to Para Prakriti, the Divine Mother Nature, so that She can shape our instrumental being into a divine personality. She is already present in us in our soul and from there her work is to divinise the physical being that we are which has been created by Mother Nature. Instead of being devotees of Mother Nature and nature as it exists now we transfer our allegiance to the supreme Divine Nature, the Mother Divine and consciously appeal to Her to transform our present ignorant earth nature into a divine nature, vast and luminous, full of the delight of immortality.
As long as we remain natural and follow a natural life we are under the control of Apara Prakriti, that is to say, we remain in ignorance and in suffering. But even then there is hope in the long term for now Apara Prakriti is fully collaborating with the Divine Mother Nature, that is to say, she will not block the way or interfere in the way of working of the Mother Divine. As She Herself will be possessed more and more by the Divine Mother the world evolution will become progressively more and more divine even down to matter. So from this point of view, if we can look on Mother Nature as our mother, the Divine Mother, the Supreme Prakriti, slowly but surely preparing the earth for the Divine manifestation, our nature worship will become a Yoga of adoration of the Divine Mother. It is much easier to feel the Presence of the Mother Divine in nature, in hills, mountains, forests, deserts, lakes and oceans than in crowded noisy cities. To love nature is to love the Mother Divine Herself.
All Nature dumbly calls to Her alone
To heal with Her feet the aching throb of life
And break the seals of the dim soul of man
And kindle Her fire in the closed heart of thingsSavitri -
( Sri Aurobindo- Savitri)


Niranjan Guha Roy 1990