Mother Divine, lead us

O Mother Divine, take us
From impermanence to the permanence of the Spirit.
From death and disillusion to immortal divine existence.
From broken discontinuous music of life to the ever unfolding supreme divine Symphony.
The unending play of the One with His incalculable selves through Eternity – His Lila.

Lead us, O Mother Divine, from separation to the utter union
with the Origin, the Source, the Supreme Eternal Sweet Mother, Sarvamangala.
The discontinuity of life is the greatest tragedy of the human existence.
All would change if there is a continuity, a deathless life.
When no one is gone, one is not separated from anyone at anytime.

When we live united forever with the One,

when we do not see any other person
Except the One everywhere in everything, in everyone

Then there is no place for any separation or suffering – death and dissolution.
All is an Ocean of Light and Felicity, Harmony,Love and laughter.


2004 - Niranjan Guha Roy

Advice to the pilgrim of the sunny Path

Pilgrims go to Benares to wash away from their stains and mortal sins in the Ganges and be freed from the infernal births tying us to this suffering and agonising earth.
O you, pilgrim of the great sunny Path, you do not need to go to Benares or to any other holy places to be liberated from the suffering and darkness dominating the earth.Read more

Galleon of the King

Galleon of the King

Fortunate voyagers on the galleon of the King, rejoice, O happy pilgrims,
Long harassed by storms, hunger and privation, waves of passion,
Hunted by marauding pirates through the ages,
Held up by long doldrums of despair and slack sails of emptiness,
Ensnared by the crystalline bays within coral reefs
Which tear open bare keels with the ease of a razor blade.Read more

The High Way

Resplendent Mother of beauty, love and harmony
Throned in the impenetrable crypt of a mystic Reality,
Descend on earth through the sunlit heavens of unalterable ecstasy,
Read more

Prayer to my soul

Prayer to my soul

the violin player

Rise, rise my soul,
Higher and higher and still higher till the earth,
Its troubles and worries and dreams and future, the stars,
Read more

The destiny of every man

Who has painted the multi colour brilliant wings of the butterflies and the fishes in the depths of ocean. Who has created these magnificent trees which do not speak but which silently raise their thousand arms thanking the sky. Read more

The Mystery of the divine Presence

mystery Do you know what I do when I have to read some high-sounding intellectual speculations? I take a dip in the sea of Nectar. I read a few pages of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, a chapter of the Synthesis or Education by the Mother. I enter into immediate and intimate contact with the Supreme Lord and the highest creative power, our Sweet Mother. Read more

In the light of the soul

Seen in the light of the soul, every failure is a blessing, a landing for a new departure. Any progress is made of uncountable failures. When one departs from the straight road, the Grace sends us a terrible failure to prevent us from losing precious time. Read more

A New Power

A new Power has inaugurated a new age; a new earth is taking shape. The old huge edifice of human creation is condemned, may fall any day. The familiar human world with its load of falsehood is crumbling. Read more

Lovers of Beauty

We feel all the lovers of beauty in almost all the countries are a truly universal community. The art forms may be different, the language and expression may be characteristic of the particular culture and epoch, yet there is something unseizable and delightful, which a true artist can feel behind and beyond the outer form.Read more